Pilates Teacher Training

TheĀ BTS Pilates Teacher Training ProgramĀ is a comprehensive teacher training and certification program lead by qualified instructors including Master Teachers from Ohio and Out of State in addition to BTS staff. Participants learn the exercises and techniques designed by Joseph H. Pilates, as well as the proper ways to execute and teach the exercises correctly and safely.

The program curriculum includes training in the principles of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and body mechanics as they apply to Pilates exercise. Trainees will learn to safely adapt Pilates exercises to the needs of individual clients while maintaining the integrity of the system. BTS-Certified Pilates instructors offer clients proper and safe instruction in Pilates exercises.

5 CEUs available for PBCCT. All requirements must be met before students are considered for certification and undergo examinations.

Rolling Admission
Starting in August, September, October, November, January
Classes are held the 3rd weekend of each month (Fridays 6:30-8:30pm, Saturday 9:30-1 break 11-11:15)

    Sports Performance Arts (S.P.A.) Certification

    (Formerly Dance, Movement, and Sports Medicine Internship Program)

    The S.P.A Internship Program is offered for junior high and high school students considering a career in sports medicine, athletic training, occupational therapy, dance, and physical therapy. A program for current dancers, athletes, physical therapists, sports medicine specialists, athletic trainers, or those with a background or interest in movement training methods is also available.

    The course is offered over a series of scheduled weekends, and participants may choose three weekends during which to complete the program. Topics will vary per weekend and may include lectures, demonstrations, and practical training in the following areas:

    • The science of movement and exercise
    • Efficient use of the bodyInjury prevention
    • Injury rehab-and optimal treatment for recovery
    • Anatomy
    • Practical clinic observation and evaluation
    • Increased sports performance
    • Role of breath in movement
    • Proper diet and nutrition (understanding carbs, protein, sugars, fats)

    Registration Form

    I am registering for participation in (choose one):

    BTS Pilates teacher trainingSports Performance Arts internship (S.P.A)

    Briefly describe your education and background in movement/exercise training:

    Briefly describe your goals/reasons for participating in this program:

    Briefly describe your plans for when you complete the program:

    List any medical conditions, physical restrictions, and previous or current injuries (note: medical release by physician required):

    I agree to the following terms and conditions:
    Initial each item to verify that you have read and understand each of the following:

    • All fees will be paid prior to the first day of the class session based on published fees at the time fo enrollment. MasterCard, VIa, cash or check may be used. All fees are subject to change. Agree
    • No refunds after the first day of the class session. Agree
    • Printed materials used during the training may not be used or reprinted in any manner without written permission oh BTS. Agree
    • BTS assumes no liability for any injury that occurs during or as a result of the training, or due to prior conditions. Agree
    • The trainee agrees he or she will not open a studio or clinic within a 15mile radius of the BTS office, unless written permission is given by BTS. Agree
    • Trainees are expected to complete the program in the time alloted, on the given dates. Arrangements for missed training are the responsibility of the trainee and may incur additional fees. Agree

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